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Why is learning a second or third language so important nowadays? Why should we learn a foreign language if we can just use Google Translate? Actually, language is not just a ‘tool’ or a ‘subject’. In fact, learning a language can stimulate individual’s development in different domains such as cognition, creativity, emotional response, etc. Take learning Mandarin Chinese as an example, here are some benefits:


👉1 more language you learn, 10 more opportunities you get

👉 Facilitate cross-culture communication and network

👉 Instant access to information from different countries

👉Explore Chinese culture, which has over 5,000 years of history


With the advanced of technology and the Internet, time and space are not longer the limitations. We have broken through the geological restrain and are being given more chances to interact with people from places. Hence, learning a foreign language would be one of the fastest path to adapt ourselves to the global village.