The AP Chinese Language and Culture course is designed to be comparable to fourth semester (or the equivalent) college/university courses in Mandarin Chinese. These college courses, which deepen students’ immersion into the language and culture of the Chinese-speaking world, typically represent the point at which students complete approximately 250 hours of college-level classroom instruction. Course work provides students with opportunities to perform Intermediate- to Advanced-level tasks, and students are expected to achieve proficiencies throughout, and sometimes beyond, the Intermediate range, as described in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Proficiency Guidelines.

Beginner ~ Intermediate
No background required for AP 1 and it’s followed by AP 2, which allows students to derive more advance language skills.
Advance & Proficient

AP class can help student to prepare for the AP Chinese Language Exam.


*Student who complete Nihao Scholar can start from AP 3 directly

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