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K-12 students: 6 benefits you can get from Ni Hao Chinese Online Language Class:Small group classes allow for peer-to-peer learningComprehensive and structured curriculum

  1. Additional online resources available for supplemental learning

  2. Personalized class and tutoring service available

  3. Meet students from around the world

  4. Classes are both fun and effective

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Preschoolers: 6 reasons of why you should choose Ni Hao Chinese Online Preschool Program

  1. Small class size= more interaction to stimulate children’s literacy skills

  2. Theme-based curriculum= one theme per month, with multiple subjects

  3. After-class activities = extend kids learning at home through additional materials and worksheets

  4. Free online resources= Mandarin music and videos for kids on YouTube

  5. Free pre-K events= weekly online story time 

  6. Structured class and schedule= morning circle time + class + independent learning

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