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Watching movies is one of the most popular, and unconventional, ways for many people to learn a second language or even gain the initial understanding to a culture (although not everything portrayed in the movies are correct but you can still take it as a reference.) Here are some famous films that you may be interested in:

1. Family, sibling and parent-children relationship 家庭親子類


-Title: Go Brother (快把我哥帶走)

-Age suggestion: 12-15 yrs old

-Language: Mandarin Chinese

-Country: China

2. Children, folklore, culture and religion 傳奇神話類


-Title: Little Door Gods (小門神)

-Age suggestion: 6-12 yrs old

-Language: Mandarin Chinese

-Country: China

3. Romance, love, and cross-culture 愛情喜劇類


-Title: Crazy Rich Asian (瘋狂亞洲富豪)

-Age suggestion: 13+ yrs old

-Language: English and some Mandarin Chinese

-Country: United States

4. History, adventure and culture 歷史傳說類:


-Title: Mulan (花木蘭)

-Age suggestion: 5-12 yrs old

-Language: English

-Country: United States

5. Education, parenting, culture, and family 親子教育類

-Title: I Not Stupid Too (小孩不笨2)

-Age suggestion: 10-15 yrs old (Parental guidance suggested for children under 12)

-Language: Mandarin, English, some Cantonese, Malaysian, Minnan

-Country: Singapore

Get your popcorn ready and enjoy the movies. Please noted that movie is not the only resource to get to know Chinese culture. Audiences are suggested to pick the movies carefully and consult with teachers or friends who are native-Mandarin speakers.

However, learners can definitely benefit from watching Mandarin films through conversational skills and language immersion. Moreover, during the COVID-19 period, nothing is better and safer than staying at home and watching a good movie with your family! Feel free to check Ni Hao Chinese YouTube channel for more videos about Chinese culture, history, language and other interesting topics with your children.