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It is hard to determine which methods is better for language learning. However, some people find it difficult to decide which kind of classes should the learners take. There are two prevalent model of online learning nowadays: private tutor and group class. On class selection, it depends on students’ age, personality, learning progress, language background, experiences, etc.


As both classes have advantages, we are going to analyze the two types of Chinese online classes that are the most popular at Ni Hao Chinese— 1 on 1 private tutor & small-size group class.

1. Private tutor


For student who prefer more attention from the teacher and have higher degree of customized curriculum. At Ni Hao Chinese Private Tutor Class, you can experience:

  • More teacher-student interaction

  • A more intensive and efficient class model

  • More opportunities for Individualized learning

  • A personalized learning plan and materials

  • More flexibility but usually with higher cost

 Teacher to your house— In-home tutorial service is available now! Our teacher will come to your house and provide you the best educational experience. Ni Hao Chinese will add insurance and screening process* to guarantee the safety and the quality. (*selective service)

2. Group class


For students who prefer interact with peers and look for greater diversity or variety in class. At Ni Hao Chinese Group Class, you will be able to:


  • Interact with other learners, which improves not only children’s communication skills but also their social-emotional development

  • Work as a team or with partners on class activities

  • Enrich kids’ learning with a diverse curriculum

  • Usually with lower cost

Making decision on which class should you go with? Need assessment and recommendation from education specialist? Looking for free trial lessons?

We are here to help! Contact us for class recommendation, educational consulting, free language assessment, free trial lesson and all the information you need!