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Stuck at home? Get tired of TV programs? Lack of learning materials? Teachers at Ni Hao Chinese would like to provide some ideas for parents and children to do at home together!


A good daily routine and a structured learning can help the children to continue their education from home with higher efficiency. Ni Hao Chinese not only offer Language Online Class and Preschool Online Class but also various materials for second language learning. Here are some tips to make home-schooling fun and creative!

1. Keep a good daily routine. Get up early and get some exercise.

Join Ni Hao Chinese Morning Circle Time online and start your day with our teachers. Enjoy the music, dance and fun morning routine! 

2. Brainstorm with some math questions

Work on Ni Hao Chinese Preschool Learning Materials with your daddy, mommy, sister or brother. We have worksheets covering various topics like math, culture, English, Mandarin, and science. Preschool online resources >>

3. Wash your hand and have some healthy snacks.

Get some snacks and boost your energy. Don’t forget to wash your hand before having food. You can sing and dance with Ni Hao Hand-Washing Song!  Ni Hao Hand-Wash song >>

4. Learning Mandarin is fun and interesting

Enroll our online class right now and get special discount! We offer classes for different levels of Mandarin learners from PreK to AP. Interactive, creative and efficient, build up your language proficiency with Ni Hao Chinese.

Sign up free trial >>

5. Do some arts and crafts

Use your creativity and imagination. Time to do some hand-on activity to help the development of your small muscle. (especially pre-K children)  Create your own Bottle Galaxy >>

6. Trace and write.

Practice makes perfect! Let’s explore the beauty of Chinese characters together!  Preschool free trial class >> 

7. Time for some stories and music

Bring joy and laughter to your house through interesting stories, music and dance. Let’s learn Mandarin together!  Sign up for free >>