Meet the Ni Hao Family

Emma Laoshi

is a lead teacher. She graduated from University of Southern California, earning her masters' degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. While at USC, she observed and taught at John Mark Elementary School. With a passion for education, she joined Ni Hao in 2014, where she teaches classes for children of all ages. She believes that language learning happens best when learners are actively using the language through various activities. By holding this belief, she incorporates various songs, hands-on activities, and movements into her Mandarin classes. In her free time, she loves to read, watch movies, exercise, exploring the outdoors, and going out with friends.

Angel Laoshi

Angel Laoshi always dreamed of becoming a teacher.  Her father has been an elementary school teacher for the past 30 years.  She has seen the joys of being a teacher, that teaching comes from the heart and that will never change.   In order to follow that dream she graduated from National Quemoy University of Taiwan with a B.A. in Chinese Studies.  From there she started in Early Childhood education as a teaching educator.  Then continuing she has taught teen aged children Chinese language and culture.  A couple years ago an opportunity to teach younger children was offered.  Because of this she realized that she had found her place, as a Preschool teacher.

Grace Laoshi

got her bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from, one of the best teacher university in China, Shanghai Normal University. After she came to the US, she majored in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and got her master degree from the University of Southern California. During her study in USC, she observed and taught at Broadway Elementary School. With a passion for education and love for the kids, she joined NiHao in 2016, where she teaches children of all ages. She has her own way to build up a good rapport with the kids. Besides kids, she is always the teacher of adults classes. She works hard to make the class more interesting and practical for the adult students, and she has created friendships with them. To all her students, Grace Laoshi is always more than just a teacher. 

Sandy Laoshi

is the Director of the Ni Hao Program at Mount Olive Preschool. She has a Masters of Arts in Linguistics from California State University, Northridge.  She has taught been enjoys teaching and interacting with children, and also has completed a Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education.  Sandy has been with Ni Hao since 2012, with a sabbatical to give birth to her daughter Kiera.  She enjoys creating lesson plans with activities which are fun and good at helping children develop their language skills.

Momo Laoshi

joined Ni Hao in 2012 with nearly a decade of early childhood teaching experience. She earned her diploma of Pedagogy for Children Education as an honors student in China, and was awarded as the best teacher for many times after graduation during her time working as a kindergarten teacher in China. In addition to her Children Education diploma, Momo holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Tourism from Rikkyo University in Japan. She speaks fluently in Chinese, Japanese as well as English. After working for a bank and a tourism company for years in China, Japan and the US, her passion for children's education led her to Ni Hao. Momo always enjoys interacting with and teaching her students. Her professional training and teaching experience made her a beloved teacher by her students as well as their parents.

Eva  Laoshi

Eva Laoshi has been teaching at Ni Hao since 2016.  She She graduated from the Holmesglen Institute of Tafe in Australia in 2009 with a degree in hospitality and event management. After receiving her degree, she took time off to raise her two children.  Eva has always enjoyed working with children, and after moving to California, she completed the UCLA Early Childhood Education program to become a preschool teacher.  Her favorite moments are the ones that she shares in each of her student’s lives; providing them with helpful advice, making friends, and being a confidant with whom they can talk and trust.

Ma Laoshi

began her education and training in Harbin, China. She graduated from Harbin Institute of Physical Education in Sports Sociology and went on to teach the discipline as a professor at graduate levels for 28 years. She earned a Master's Degree and then a Doctorate from Dankook University of South Korea, where she published several articles in Korean.  While in Korea, she had to learn to communicate in a second language, which  gave her a unique perspective on how language should be learned and how it should be taught. It also made her interested in teaching Mandarin Chinese to others. In both Korea and the United States, Ma Laoshi has taught Chinese in many different venues, such as formal classroom settings, corporate meeting rooms, and private tutoring at home. She is experienced in understanding the students' needs, requirements, and goals, and tailoring the learning program to achieve success. She also enjoys Tai Chi, especially for its calming elements which she believes aids in the learning process - she likes to incorporate a few of these exercises in her teaching. 

Emmy Laoshi

has been with Ni Hao since 2012. Being one the senior teachers, Emmy shares with others her passion for making learning Chinese fun. She herself is a lifelong, enthusiastic language learner.  Emmy speaks four different languages and holds a Masters Degree of Japanese Linguistics from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. A language teacher since 1998, Emmy has taught different languages to students of all ages and abilities, including teaching college Japanese at the University of Auckland, as well as high school Chinese. Emmy started to work with younger children in 2001 and has developed a great passion for teaching young children. Emmy loves music, art, dance and storytelling, and will often incorporate elements of these activities into her teaching. 

Lily Laoshi

graduated from the renowned Shanghai University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, after which she worked as a nurse in pediatrics, with a specialty in neonatal care. After moving to the United States, she gave birth to daughter Elizabeth in 2011. One of Lily's favorite activities was to take Elizabeth to play at the library, where she volunteered as a Chinese Storyteller. It was this experience with very young children that led her to join Ni Hao in 2013, where she primarily teaches Parent and Me classes. Since joining Ni Hao, Lily has gained educational certification at Chapman College through the Southern California Council of Chinese Schools and Chinese American Reading Association.

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