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As many schools decided to keep the education online for Fall 2020, the upcoming semester might be a bit different yet still adjustable. Indeed, distant learning is a novel experience as well as challenge for elementary and secondary education. However, since most of the schools have adopted online learning from March, students already had a couple months of experiences, which may help them to adjust. Here are some activities your kids may want to do to enrich themselves this fall:

1. Social distancing but virtual gathering: Invite a few classmates and host virtual event for homework discussion, reading club, trivial pursuit, etc. It helps children to maintain their social emotional skills during the pandemic.

2. After-school enrichment: online programs like art class, language learning, music classordance workshop have become more prevalent due to the pandemic. Don’t let the current situation limit your kids’ talents.

3. More time with family: It is the best time spend more time with your children. You can encourage them to involve parents in their education like working on a project togetheror solving math problems together. You may also invite kids to share their feelings from online learning with you regularly so you will have a better understanding to their learning process.

Online Afterschool Language Class 語言課– for Chinese learners in different ages and levels

Online Afterschool Enrichment Class 才藝課- typing (pinyin or zhuyin), drawing, history, Chinese idioms, etc


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