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Summer is here! Get ready to enjoy the sunshine and summer air. As the temperature rises, some parents may find the children having lower appetite, usually after they play/exercise and sweat a lot.

1. Water


Parents, caregivers and teachers are suggested to pay higher attention on children’s consumption of water and make sure they stay hydrated, especially when children are playing or spending time at outdoor area. Caregivers or parents need to remind the children of drinking water and let them learn about how having enough water matters to our health. We can also add some tastes in the water to make it fancier. For example, you can put a few sliced of fruits, cucumber, lemon in the water or add some honey. (*Note: it is NOT recommended to give food/beverage that contain honey to infants)

2. Fruits and yogurt

Fruits like strawberry, papaya, pineapple, and apple are good sources of vitamin C. Parents can simply put some fruits in the yogurt or add some granola. Fruit yogurt can be served as a healthy summer snack that can cool your kids down and strengthen their immune system. Non-dairy yogurt is also available in most of the grocery stores for those who have low tolerance of lactose.

3. Eggs and fishes


Protein is a crucial element that facilitate children’s growth and development. Protein could be easily lost when we sweat a lot. Consuming eggs can provide good protein to our body. Parents can make egg salad or egg sandwich for the kids. Consuming fish (or white meat. Ex. chicken) can also replenish protein and other nutrition. Moreover, it is suggested to reduce salt or high-sodium sauces when preparing food for the kids in summer. Avoiding foods that are deep-fried is also helpful for boosting appetite in hot summer.

Bon appetit! Get ready for the hot summer and eat healthily! You are welcome to check our video that introduce delicious foods in Chinese: https://youtu.be/f–6zD8v1HU

(Information derived from mombaby.tw and heho.com.tw)