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Give your love to the environment and animals by turning toilet paper rolls into cat, octopus,and snake !

Are kids getting bored at home this summer ? Ni Hao Chinese summer camp provides classes of handicrafting for them to demonstrate their creativity. They can build the robots, little houses, and cute gadgets by themselves with teachers and friends. Derive more information at: https://nihaocac.com/2018-ni-hao-summer-camp Moreover, we will keep updating some good resources on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Follow us and enjoy the summer !!!

可愛紙筒動物DIY,環保又有趣,讓孩子暑假在家也不怕無聊 ! 你好 Summer Camp 也有許多DIY才藝課程,教孩子如何製作機器人、認識科學器材和打造創意小玩具。詳細資訊請見你好官網(https://nihaocac.com/2018-ni-hao-summer-camp)。你好臉書、推特、Pinterest以及Instagram也會有不定期更新哦 !!! 祝大家有個愉快的暑假 !