Job Openings


Job Duties and Description:

Report to the President for facilitating the President to handle all aspects of public relations activities and strategies aiming to increase the media presence, favorable reputation and image, and overall popularity of Ni Hao Chinese LLC in various communities. Help the President to manage the organizations interaction with the patrons, the media, and the general public. Help the President to craft strategies and design campaigns that will help the President and the organization maintain and improve positive and favorable reputation and image. Develop and maintain the public images of the organization, using press releases to promote and maintain the organization's social media presence. Use print and online media to promote the organization to the public. Gather and analyze information about public perception and opinion about the organization for the President to shape the organization's policies. Plan and direct events designed to improve Ni Hao Chinese LLC's relations with the communities and coordinate public appearances for the President. Monitor media coverage and use various communication channels and media platforms to promote the organization's image and name. Coordinate marketing activities to promote Ni Hao Chinese LLC's brand name, image and reputation.



A Master's degree in Communications or Public Relations or the foreign degree equivalent. Experience is not required.


Working Hours:

9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday for 40 hours a week.


Job Application Instructions:

Applicants are required to mail their full detailed résumés to Ni Hao Chinese LLC, Attention to Fong Hsu, at 24596 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505. Please write job code 2020NHCWEBSITE in your cover letter.



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