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Holiday season is here! Are you getting tired of the old-school and cliché holiday movies? Here are a couple of Chinese films we recommend for you and your kids to watch together. They may not be directly related to Christmas or New Year but they are very inspiring and will definitely bring a good time to your family. More importantly, they also serve as helpful resources for children to learn Chinese! Start your movie-picking now!

1. 長江7號 CJ7 (2008)

Language: Cantonese & Mandarin Chinese

Length: 89 mins

The main character, Ti, visits the junkyard and finds a strange green orb. He later takes it home and told his son, Dicky, that it is a new toy. The following evening, the green orb transforms into a cuddly alien creature that befriends Dicky. After playing with the alien, he names the alien “CJ7”.

2. 小猫巴克里 Barkley The Cat (2017)

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Length: 88 mins

Barkley and his animal friends have adventures in the city of Tainan. Although they occasionally have arguments, they learn how to overcome difficult situations. They need to break the lies from a con artist and find the way home.

3. 西遊記之大聖歸來 Monkey King: Hero is Back (2015)

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Length: 85 mins

This movie adapted from a classic Chinese novel-Journey to the West. The boy monk accidentally saves the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, from being locked by the Buddha. Sun Wukong and the boy monk start their journey and rescue the little girl who is kidnapped by the monster.

4. 閃光少女 Our Shining Days (2017)

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Length: 100 mins

In a music school, the students of Chinese orchestra and Classical orchestra don’t get along with each other. So the students who learn Chinese orchestra decides to host a concert to demonstrate the beauty of traditional Chinese orchestra.

5. 志氣 Step Back to Glory (2013)

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Length: 125 mins

Based on a true story in Taiwan, this is an inspiring movie that talks about the journey and challenge of the tug-of-war team at Jingmei Girls’ High School. The girls have been through all the difficulties to win the world championship.

6. 你好泡泡-聖誕節 NH Bubble-Merry Christmas

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Length: 5 mins

Christmas is around the corner. Fu and Chi did something special for this holiday. Santa wrote a letter to them. Let’s see what is in the letter.