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The most important thing of learning a language is getting more exposure to it. Last time we recommended a few movies that you may be interested in if you are a Chinese learner or if you want to know more about Chinese culture. In this article, we are going to introduce some Chinese pop songs for you!


What are the benefits of learning Chinese from pop songs?


– Normally, the vocabularies in the lyrics of pop songs are usually high-frequency words. Most of which are associated with ’emotion’, ‘life’, ‘environment’, ‘adventure’ so it is more self-experienced related and less academic.


-The lyrics are usually repetitive and catchy with the rhyme and tempo. It is very helpful for language learners to memorize the vocabularies and sing along. Singing is one of the best way to practice your speaking skills!


– Music is the therapy! Learning a foreign language could be challenging, maybe a little be stressful, sometimes so what you need is definitely some good songs that you can sing along, dance with it or just simply enjoy the melody.

Check the list includes pop songs for different age groups of Chinese learners:

1.  Pinkfox 碰碰狐—Baby Shark 鯊魚寶寶: 2 – 6 yrs old

2. Chopstick Brother 筷子兄弟— Little Apple 小蘋果: 7-10 yrs old

3. TFBoys— Practise Book for Youth 修煉手冊 : 8-12 yrs old

4. 小潘潘(潘柚彤)、小峰峰(陳峰)—Say Meow Meow一起學貓叫 : 10-13 yrs old

5. Richie Jen 任賢齊 — Look over here, girl 對面的女孩看過來: 9+ yrs old

6. Michael Wong 光良— Fairytale 童話: 12+ yrs old

7. Hebe Tian 田馥甄 — A Little Happiness 小幸運: 12+ yrs old

8. Hebe Tian & Boran Jing 田馥甄/井柏然— Beauty and the Beast: 12+ yrs old

Get your microphone ready! It’s karaoke time!

Besides the pop songs we recommended above. You can also find some Chinese nursery rhymes and kids song at Ni Hao Chinese YouTube channel!

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