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Online-explore Class


Explore Chinese culture through over 50 topics Weekly class! Immerse kids in both traditional and pop culture. Focus on conversation skills and daily-life application. Make learning Chinese more fun!

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Ni Hao Summer Camp


Experience the best in summer with a variety of fun and educational activities. Let our kids get back to enjoying themselves at camp while learning to run a restaurant, creating their own picture book, or exploring the undersea world. Ni Hao and nhbubble is an experience to remember with friends you’ll never forget.

Monterey Park Class


Immersion Chinese Class at Monterey Park!
Full of fun immersion Chinese learning class now available in Monterey park. Come and join us to learn Chinese in the nature way by engaging in the environment with lots of fun activities.

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Spring Fair


Fun Spring Fair Outdoor Activities at Broadway Elementary School

Come and join us to learn how to make a Chinese Dragon Fly in the spring fair outdoor celebration.  We have lots of fun activities the spring fair waiting for you.

Date: 2022/4/2 | Time: 10 AM – 4PM


About Us

Located in Los Angeles, California, Ni Hao Chinese was founded in 2012 and has flourished to an organization with thousands students and more than 70 passionate teaching professionals across the world. With unique SMART learning system, Ni Hao provides educations in preschool, Chinese learning, text and story book, teacher training, and many programs for Children’s learning.


Safe, caring, learning and full of funs, Ni Hao has established preschools in Los Angels, Taiwan, and keep expanding. Ni Hao Chinese Preschool Program is a Trilingual Mandarin Immersion program combining English, Spanish, and Chinese.
We teach each child to enjoy learning with the skills and knowledge to continue to elementary school.

Chinese School

Learning Chinese is easy and fun.  At Ni Hao, we developed full program from no background to advance, from toddler to adult, and from in class to virtual on-line.  Our unique SMART learning system has been proved to help students learning efficiently.  Join us to open the door to a whole new world of choices by speaking Chinese.

Online Learning

Ni Hao online learning programs make learning easy, convenient, and flexible. We have a professional team of teachers and technicians to enhance the quality and accessibility to our online learning, aiming to offer the full curriculum to all the users. Our live online program emphasize immersion and the interaction between instructor and students, which help our students to reach proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Summer Camp

The Ni Hao Summer Camp starts on July 5th and runs until August 26th. This year’s theme is “Let’s Summer with Ni Hao”! Our camps include a variety of fun and educational experiences, letting our kids get back to enjoying themselves at camp while learning to run a restaurant, creating their own picture book, or exploring the undersea world.

Come join us and make this summer to remember!


At Ni Hao we make sure that our students feel home and build a memorable experience to take with them as they become our future.

Ni Hao Chinese


Comprehensive proprietary curriculum developed by Ni Hao to take learners from beginner to AP Chinese and beyond.


Ni Hao Chinese


Our philosophy is to incorporate language learning with culture, arts, science and social development.


Ni Hao Chinese


We provide the most qualified, passionate, and resourceful educators to provide you the best learning experience.




Give your child the confidence to explore, adapt and succeed as a globally aware citizen of our world.