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As we move to a brand new year and a brand new semester, how do you or your children feel? Some people are excited, some are anxious, some are stressful. It is very normal if adults and children have complicated feelings about a brand new start. The emotions usually come from the adaptation to new challenges and transitions. Doing yoga may help to release the pressure and anxiety.

1. Breathing practice

Practice breathing with your children is fun. Sit on the mat and cross your legs. First, put your hands on the tommy and inhale through the nose for 3 seconds (count to three in your mind)! Hold it for 3 seconds (count to three again)! Good job! Then exhale through your nose for 3 seconds (slowly and gently). Next, put your hand on your head and do a second round of the breathing. You can close your eyes and feel the energy flow in your body, from head to toe.

Image derived from Yoga In My School

2. Cat pose

Meow! Doing cat pose can help you to release the pressure in your upper back and lower back as it stretch your core. It can also help to avoid muscle pain brought by a long time of sitting (as many of the people do class or work online)

Image derived from Yoga Holism

3. Dog pose

Bow-wow! The best way to stretch your legs and your gluteus. Keep breathing in and out slowly when doing the movement. Keep your body soft and feel the power from your core.

Image derived from Stylecraze

4. Snake pose

For the first step, lay on your stomach for a while. Next, slowly lift your head, arms and upper body. You may lift your foots as well if you want. Hold your position for as long as you want…and put down your foots, arms, upper body, head to the ground again.

Image derived from YOGATEKET

5. Butterfly pose

Butterfly pose can stretch our inner thigh, hips and lower back. It will release the tension at the lower body, smoothing the rigid muscle from long time sitting or standing.

Image derived from YogiApproved

6. Just simply stretch… in any ways you want

Stretch and breath. Calm your mind. Think about something that makes you happy: family, food, music, a trip, a piece of memory, a book, a good movie, a joke, a place you want to visit, a best friend, people you love. Then, high five with your children. You are awesome!

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