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Ni Hao Online Language Class

We have a professional team of teachers and technicians to enhance the quality and accessibility to our online learning, aiming to offer the full curriculum to all the users. All you have to do is a few clicks on your devices.

Our live online program emphasize Mandarin immersion and the interaction between instructor and students, which help our students to reach proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Step 1: Assessment & trial class for free

Feel free to let us know if you are not sure about your child’s language level. We are happy to help with free assessment and recommend the courses that best fit his/her needs.

You are welcome to schedule a free trial class for your little ones. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or requests. We also provide private tutor and semi-tutor class.

We offer classes for K-12 students, from beginner to advanced learner, please contact online@nihaocac.com or call 310-929-0191 for further assistance.


Sign up for free trial class with a porfessional Ni Hao teacher

    Step 2: Schedule your class

    Our online program has a flexible schedule. We provide classes from Monday to Saturday. Our program coordinator will help you to arrange your class that works best for the schedule.

    Moreover, do not miss out the free online story time on every Saturday. Welcome to join us and enjoy learning Mandarin.

    Step 3: Start your journey with Ni Hao Chinese

    We do the classes on Zoom. Please download Zoom. Please download Zoom on your device. You will be assigned with links and passwords. Simply click the links and you are all set!

    Every class comes with preview audio and review video that allow your children to gain more practice and exposure to Mandarin before/after the class.

    We also upload videos regularly on YouTube for Mandarin learners. You are welcome to use our free learning materials at home.


    Q & A

    Q1: I am not sure about my child’s language level.

    A1: No worries. We will provide free assessment of language proficiency and suggest the course(s) that best fits your child’s level.

    Q2: Can I enroll my child if he/she has no language background?

    A2: Yes, we do offer classes for beginner.

    Q3: Can I schedule trial class for my child?

    A3: Yes, you are welcome to schedule free trial with us.

    Q4: How long does each class take?

    A4: Each online class is 1 hr. We also provide additional materials and online video/audio for after class reviewing.

    Q5: Do you provide group class or 1-1 class?

    A5: Both types of classes are available. You can also customize tutorial class based on your needs with us.

    Q6: How many students does each group class have?

    A6: We offer small-size class with maximum 8 students/per class.

    Q7: What kinds of Chinese character system (simplified/traditional) do you teach?

    A7: We teach both systems. Traditional Chinese is widely used in Taiwan and Hong Kong while Simplified Chinese is used in China.

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