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Online Cultural Exploration Class

Chinese New Year Special Rate: $23 for All-Year Cultural Class if sign up by 01/23/2023

Immerse kids in both traditional and pop culture. Focus on conversation skills and daily-life application. Make learning Chinese more fun!
  • Festival & food 節慶與美食
  • History & geography 歷史地理
  • Literature & folklore 文學民間故事
  • Arts, music & game 民俗藝術音樂
  • Pinyin & Zhuyin 拼音與注音符號

Weekly Class: 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM PST

We are here when your kids need help! Add $20/30 and get your own 1 on 1 tutor!

Enroll 50 plus Online Cultural Explor classes – $23 for the WHOLE year of 2023

+$20/month for an online 1 on 1 basic class (20 mins)

We support who need help with their Mandarin homework, test preparation, and conversation skill enhancment.

+$30/month for an online 1 on 1 premier class (30 mins)

We support who look for a structured Chinesee learning, HSK, AP preparation, and additional practice of language skills.