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    Ni Hao Chinese Online Learning Program

    Founded in 2012, Ni Hao Chinese provides quality Chinese programs to students of all ages, from preschool to AP level courses and up.

    Our Chinese Online Classes are live and interactive with our professionally training teachers, using Ni Hao’s own proven curriculum, textbooks and learning materials.

    Our teaching methods not only provide a fun and effective language education, we also incorporate culture, art, music and science into our classes.

    Join us and Learn Chinese Online!

    Online Preschool Program

    We offer a 5 day a week Comprehensive Early Development Program for children 2 – 5.5 yrs old. Students will participate in a daily morning circle time, online lesson and independent learning projects.

    Online Language Classes

    We offer classes for students of all ages and levels. Previous Chinese experience is not required. The Ni Hao Curriculum has been proven effective with thousands of students taught. Join us for a free trial class and experience the difference.


    How Does it Work?


    How do you Teach?

    Ni Hao’s online courses use the Zoom platform.
    The same software used by school districts nationwide, students are able to interact directly with their teacher and other students.

    What's Included?

    Preschool students will have two daily online sessions, as well as complimentary access to daily worksheets and other learning materials.
    Language students will have 1 hour classes at schedule time(s) each week. Each student will be provided with an Ni Hao student account to access our Learning Management system, where they can view the textbook and access additional audio/visual resources.

    What if I Miss a Class?

    Don’t worry. Recordings of classes are available and can be access through the Leaning Management system.

    How Much do Classes Cost?

    We are offering special discounts on all our online classes up to 40% off. Classes start at $15/day for preschool and $19/class for language classes.

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