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Located in Los Angeles, California, Ni Hao Chinese was founded with less than 20 students in the fall of 2012. Ni Hao has flourished to an organization with over 2000 students and more than 70 passionate teaching professionals. We have one mission: Providing the best language education for the next generation. 
















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At Ni Hao, we believe that it is the incorporation of all aspects of the SMART model that will provide for optimum language acquisition. Our program combines materials, instructors, teaching methods, and a classroom environment to maximize effectiveness. In addition, we actively engage with parents and guardians to provide Chinese materials for additional reinforcement at home.



We are constantly finding ways to improve our programs, including using our professionals to publish the Ni Hao Chinese language books series. Our teachers have many years of experience and education in teaching Chinese, as well as being trained and certified in the use of our SMART learning model.


we offer auxiliary classes such as music, art, dance, martial arts, as well as a free weekly cultural day to enhance your child's learning opportunities. We also incorporate these methods into our regular programs.


Ni Hao believes that in addition to learning how to speak and write in a language, one must also have a knowledge and appreciation of the culture that uses it.  We promote Chinese virtues, Chinese poems, and Chinese arts.  This knowledge is also invaluable when interacting with native speakers.


Ni Hao utilizes many technologies to help children learn Chinese. These include the use of computer programs, optical pens, flash cards, and other audio-visual aids, to name but a few.  We hope to bring the best to your child so that they retain a lifelong interest in learning Chinese. 

" We have also developed a series of immersion textbooks for younger children, mini storybooks for preschoolers along with a structured curriculum, reading books for young children, as well as AP materials for older students.  We continuously apply the latest theories to real-life instruction. We strive to provide the best information and knowledge for our Ni Hao Chinese students. This is and has always been, our promise. Please come join us at Ni Hao Chinese.  Let us grow with you. Let us grow for you. Let us change the world, one student at a time."

Sincerely yours,

Lisa Hsu

CEO of Ni Hao Chinese

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