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Children's Day in different countries 各國兒童節大不同

Do you know that there are two Children's Days in June? The first one is the well-known International Children's Day on June 1st and the upcoming one is the Children's Day in the United States, which is usually observed at the second Sunday of June!

Do you know how do other countries celebrate Children's Day and when is the Children's Day in different countries? Most of the countries observe International Children's Day on June 1st, such as Vietnam, Poland, Hong Kong, Russia, Cambodia,

> Learn more about International Children's Day: https://youtu.be/CNzxAcCTBuc

Taiwan celebrates Children's Day on April 4th. Most of the schools will prepare little gifts like stationery or snacks to children at the day. The Children's Day in Taiwan is not a national holiday but the next day, April 5th, is 'Ching Ming Day' (清明節), which is known as ‘Tomb Sweeping Day'. Ching Ming Day is an important holiday in Chinese culture. People will bring visit the cemeteries of their ancestors to show their respect and remembrance. Hence, the Taiwanese government decided to adjust Children's Day as a day-off and make it a two-days holiday.

> Learn more about Ching Ming Day: https://youtu.be/eH984Rj0SgQ

Although the official Japanese Children's Day is on May 5th, they also celebrate the two traditional Children's Days, one is on March 3rd (Girl's Day) and another one is on May 5th (Boy's Day). On Girl's Day, Japanese people will decorate their houses with dolls and plum blossoms therefore the Girl's Day in Japan is also known as the 'Doll Festival'. On the other hand, Japanese will hang 'koinobori' (carp-shaped windsocks) on Boy's Day, which represents parents' expectation to the children.

(Photo derived from Japan Web Magazine)

How do you usually celebrate Children's Day in your country or with your family? Do you remember celebrating Children's Day in your childhood? You are welcome to share your stories and experiences with us!

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