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Business are ready for reopen, are you? ---Enhance children's immune system 重新開放,您準備好了嗎?增強免疫力超容易

(Image derived from Taiwan National Health Research Institutes)

As business and schools have moved forward to re-open, parents may need to return to on-site workplaces, hence, some of the children are expected to go back to school or childcare soon. Schools are required to follow CDC regulation and provide guidelines or rules to ensure a healthy environment for children to learn. Ni Hao Chinese will also apply policies to maintain social distance, reduce risks and ensure the safety of our children, teachers, and parents.

Here are some tips to strengthen our immune system that you may find helpful:

1. According to research, consuming vegetable and fruits will reduce proinflammatory mediators (which can cause infection) and enhance the immunocyte. Therefore, it is suggested to have 5 kinds of vegetable or fruits each day.

2.Replace some of the snacks with fruits like orange, strawberry, apple, grapes, etc. They are yummy and good for your health!

3. Exercise regularly. There are some exercise that can be done at home like yoga, stretch, dance, or helping parents with house work!

>Move your body and dance with us! Let's shake with the music like sea animals!

4. WHO (World Health Organization) recommends children and teenagers to exercise for 60 mins each day. As for adults, WHO suggests to obtain 150 mins of exercise per week.

5. Keep yourselves positive and happy. Having a good mood is one of the keys to healthy life!

Last but not least, we would like to say 'thank you' to the people that have worked so hard to remain the safety of our life. We are so lucky to have those heros and heroines who help us to get through this challenged time. Moreover, we appreciate all the educators who never forget their students even during the school closure. We miss our teachers a lot!

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