Ni Hao Trilingual Preschool Program ​

Ni Hao Chinese Preschool Program is a Trilingual Mandarin Immersion program that offers daily 30-45 minutes of exposure to Spanish and after school English. 


Our program offers diversified activities such as theme learning, library time, art&crafts, calligraphy, music, physical education, math and science. We offer flexible times choices, and enrollment options are 2 days, 3 days or 5 days per week.


Ni Hao teaches children to be creative, confident and have a love of learning.  In our activities, children will learn Chinese through variety of methods and hands-on exploration. Our goal is that each child will enjoy learning, and be able to have conversations and express themselves in Chinese.  With the skills and knowledge that they acquire, children will be able to continue learning languages when as they progress to kindergarten and elementary school.  To support children’s growth and development, Ni Hao aims to build a partnership with parents to provide children a fun, effective and loving learning environment.



The Ni Hao philosophy is to make learning both fun and effective, and all of our classes are taught using our own SMART learning model.

Please email us at or call us at 885-644-2688 for more information about how to enroll.

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Trilingual Preschool

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Ni Hao Program at Mount Olive Preschool

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Trilingual Preschool

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