Ni Hao Online Preschool Program

Step 1: Sign up for free trial


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Step 2: Enroll the program

We offer 5-Days Comprehensive Early Development Program for children between 2 - 6 yrs old. Each program comes with daily worksheets, videos and materials.

Our 3-Days Pre-K Mandarin Immersion Program is an afternoon program focusing on developing language comprehension, conversation and listening.

We also provide FREE Online Story Time on every Saturday. 

Step 3: Start your class on Zoom

Our class includes group warmup activities, online lesson and independent learning projects, which allow the children to interact with the teachers and enhance their language skills. We also designed different subjects for preschoolers such us culture, math, language, sciences and music. Learning Mandarin is fun and effective with Ni Hao Chinese!

Don't forget to check our videos and learn with us on our YouTube channel.


Q1: What ages better fit in the preschool program?

A1: Our program is designed for children from 2 - 5.5 yrs old to emphasize early childhood development through different subjects. ​

Q2: Can I enroll my child if he/she has no language background?

A2: Yes, our program allows children to acquire the language spontaneously through immersion and interaction with the teachers.

Q3: What subjects does the program cover?

A3: We cover EQ, math, science, art, language, culture and music, etc. The class will be Mandarin-oriented with some English instruction if needed.

Q4: How long does each class takes.

A4: The Preschool Program includes 15 mins circle time, 30 mins online lesson and independent learning each day.

Q5: What is the schedule of the class.

A5: Children will have class in the morning from Monday – Friday. Besides, we will host free online story time on Saturday.

Q6: How many students does each class have?

A6: For age 3-5, we will keep the number under 8 students per class. For age 2-3, we will keep the number under 8 per class. ​

Q7: Does the program include any materials?

A7: Yes, we provide worksheets and activity sheets for their independent learning every day. We also update videos for preschoolers on our YouTube channel

Q8: Do you require parents’ accompany during the class?

A8: We highly welcome parents to participate in your little ones’ learning progress. It would enhance the learning efficiency with parents’ accompany for both in-class learning and after-class activities.

Q9: What's the difference between your program and all other online programs?

A9: Besides teaching and leading activities, our teachers also interact with the children online to enhance their conversational skills. We also provide materials for the children and parents to work together at home such as worksheet, activity sheet, YouTube video, EQ Story Book, etc.

Q10:  I want materials to learn at home, but don't have time for class?

A10:  Our daily worksheets in Math, EQ, Science, Culture and Language are available for download at our sister site,

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