Program Description

False Beginner 零基礎

Aim to achieve basic communication skills in Chinese like greeting or self-introduction. Meanwhile, develop listening and speaking skills based on everyday-used vocabularies.


Explore more listening and speaking skills with the basic understanding of sentence structures and grammar. The class materials topics related to numbers, feelings, interrogative sentences. Students will learn to recognize high-frequency words such as fruits, family, animals, mood, etc.

Elementary 初級班

Acquiring and using advanced listening and speaking skills with high-frequency vocabularies. Students are able to appropriately apply the words and short sentences in daily life.

Intermediate 中級班

Build a solid foundation of Chinese language system with advanced skills in listening, speaking, reading. Aim to use high-frequency words in composition of short sentences. Enhance students' word recognition in different domains like flavors, seasons, festival, sports, etc.

Upper intermediate 中高級班

Focus on strengthening listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese. Gain more practicing in using vocabularies on sentence-formatting and short paragraph composing.

Advance 級班

Be able to comprehend article and extract information from the reading materials. Develop skills in composing brief essay with clear topic and gist.

Proficient 菁英

Achieve language proficiency equivalent to the level of native Chinese speaker. Aim to increase students' vocabularies and accomplish second language certificate (ex. AP exam) as required at many of the higher educational institutes.

Children's Language Program


False beginner

Immersion 1 and 2



Nihao Scholar 3 and 4


Junior Scholar 1 and 2


Junior Scholar 3 and 4


Nihao Scholar 1 and 2

Ni Hao AP Class

Adolescence's Language Program (AP Class)

False beginner

AP 1-1


AP 2-1


AP 4


AP  1-1



AP 2-2


AP 1-2


AP 3


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