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Learning LevelBooks ImagesLearning MaterialKey Features of Class
Age: Under 10 years old
No Background
Pre-K Immersion 2-6 years Project based/ Corner Learning*Designed for pre-K and Kinder *Theme-based and immersive curriculum *Early childhood development
Nihao Immersion 4 - 6.5 years 4 books*Designed for beginner/no-background *Focus on daily-life conversation *Emphasis on hands-on activities
Junior Scholar 5.5+ years  4 books*Designed for beginner * 200+ high-frequency words *Emphasis on speaking and character recognition
Nihao Scholar 6.5-10 years Intermediate/Upper Intermediate 4 books*Designed for intermediate level *Enhance reading comprehension *Project-based curriculum
Age: 10+ years old
AP1 10+ years Beginnner/ Elementary2 books*200+ high-frequency words *Daily application and pop culture *Foundation for long reading passages
AP2 10+ years Intermediate/Upper Intermediate2 books*Enhance conversational skills *Prepare for AP exams *Recognize high frequency characters
AP3 and AP4 10+ years Advanced/ Proficiency 4 books*Learn commonly used words and phrases *Enhance culture appreciation *Get practice of typing and pinyin

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