Spiral Learning

Ni Hao Chinese has developed its own proprietary materials and teaching methods, which are aligned with a Common Core approach through Spiral Learning. Students will learn new material as well as review old material during each lesson.

Active Learning

At Ni Hao, a teacher’s role is not only to teach but also to analyze how each student responds. We provide constant feedback to both students and parents to improve the learning experience.

Motivational Approach

We have many ways to encourage your child to both learn and have fun.  One of these methods is the "Hao Bao Bao" card reward system for students who actively participate during class and finish homework.


We utilize techniques from studies and theories in fields such as learning and memory, developmental psychology, education, and motivation to not only help children learn the material in class but also aid in long-term retention.

Total Physical Response

One of the most important ways to acquire language skill is through Total Physical Response. This is especially crucial in an immersion setting for children, as it mimics the natural development process at a young age. Physical interactions such as gestures are incorporated into the formation of language and communication skills.  

At Ni Hao, we believe that it is the incorporation of all aspects of the SMART model that will provide for optimum language acquisition. Our program combines materials, instructors, teaching methods, and a classroom environment to maximize effectiveness. In addition, we actively engage with parents and guardians to provide Chinese materials for additional reinforcement at home.

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