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Meet the Ni Hao Family

Emma Laoshi

Emma earned her masters’ degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the University of South California. With a passion for education, she joined Ni Hao in 2014, where she teaches classes for children of all ages. She believes that language learning happens best when learners are actively using the language through various activities. she incorporates various songs, hands-on activities, and movements into her Mandarin classes.

Momo Laoshi

Momo joined Ni Hao in 2012 with nearly a decade of early childhood teaching experience. She earned her diploma of Pedagogy for Children Education as an honors student in China, and was awarded as the best teacher for many times after graduation during her time working as a kindergarten teacher in China. In addition to her Children Education diploma, Momo holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Tourism from Rikkyo University in Japan. She speaks fluently in Chinese, Japanese as well as English. After working for a bank and a tourism company for years in China, Japan and the US, her passion for children’s education led her to Ni Hao. Momo always enjoys interacting with and teaching her students. Her professional training and teaching experience made her a beloved teacher by her students as well as their parents.

Wanjun Laoshi

Wanjun graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a major in Education Science, and specializations in Children Learning and Development, as well as After-School Learning and Development. She started her teaching career at a language school while at UCI, and joined Ni Hao in 2019 as a preschool teacher. She loves Totoro, dinosaurs, and children. In her spare time, she likes doing jigsaw puzzles.

Lucy Laoshi

Lucy is our NiHao online Chinese teacher and curriculum team member. She teaches students of all ages, including preschoolers, K-12, and adult students. Lucy is from Taiwan. She holds a Master’s Degree in teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and has worked as a Chinese teacher in five different University language centers. She also taught English in a public elementary school. Lucy came to the United States in 2016 for an internship in Minnesota and currently lives in North Carolina. She is an outgoing and empathetic person. She has patience and humor in great supply. She loves being a teacher and she spends a great deal of time designing each and every lesson. She is always experimenting and finding out what is best for her students. Above all, Lucy tries to create a Loving Classroom. She very much likes to use games to teach Chinese. Students can acquire the language from “playing” and quickly understand real language use from the context of activities. Come have fun to learn Chinese with Lucy!

Ting Yu Laoshi

Ting Yu joined Ni Hao family for almost 3 years. She earned her Master degree of Chinese studies and Chinese teaching at CSU Long Beach. She worked as a Chinese tutor in the CSU Long Beach for two years and worked as a high school Chinese teacher for a year, but she didn’t stop there. Her passion for Childhood Education motivates her to finish her Early Childhood Education program as well. She loves children and loves to grow with them. In her free time, she enjoys board games, good books, and different types of puzzles.

Eva Laoshi

Eva has been teaching at Ni Hao since 2016. She graduated from the Holmesglen Institute of Tafe in Australia in 2009 with a degree in hospitality and event management. After receiving her degree, she took time off to raise her two children. Eva has always enjoyed working with children, and after moving to California, she completed the UCLA Early Childhood Education program to become a preschool teacher. Her favorite moments are the ones that she shares in each of her student’s lives; providing them with helpful advice, making friends, and being a confidant with whom they can talk to and trust.

Haishu Laoshi

Haishu joined Ni Hao in February 2017, she is currently working on teachers’ training and Chinese teaching. She has sixteen years of experience teaching elementary school kids in China. She won the award of Chongqing outstanding leading teacher. Haisu’s education research has been published in various national teaching magazines. She specializes in teaching Chinese to foreign adults who do not speak Chinese. Haisu also has experience teaching Math, Social Science, History, Sinology, and Geography. Her vast amount of knowledge combined with her rich teaching experience allows her to handle a wide variety of Chinese classes with expertise.. She is committed to find the best teaching method combining both Chinese and American education and culture for students. Therefore, her Chinese class is rich in content, full of fun and challenges. She is willing to share her experience with other teachers, so her training session can inspire other teachers to learn. As an educator, Haishu laoshi not only focuses on language teaching, but also students’ whole development.

Chinese Teacher

Yingyi Laoshi

Yingyi Laoshi is our Nihao Chinese online teacher, she mostly teaches our preschool online program 3-5 years old kids. She is from Taiwan. She holds a Master’s Degree in teaching Chinese as a Second Language and before working in Nihao she has a lot of experiences of teaching adults. In 2017 She went to Czech of republic for a year to teach Chinese as a second language in Masaryk University and currently she lives in France. Yingyi Laoshi is an open minded and an artistic person. She loves arts and languages, except Mandarin, she speaks French as well. She finds how fun and how beautiful it is to learn and speak different languages. Besides that, she loves spending times with kids, Yingyi Laoshi has develops her own way of teaching, also creative an artistic classroom for students. Please come and join my classroom, I will wait you there!

Angel Laoshi

Angel was born and raised in Taiwan. She is currently a director at Ni Hao Chinese Westcheter. Angel came to the United States four years ago for an internship at Nihao Chinese. She loves being a teacher, and absolutely loves working with kids.

Angel has a Bachelor of Chinese Studies Degree from National Quemoy University in Taiwan. She also obtained a certificate in Early Childhood Education from UCLA and worked as a Site Director at Ni Hao Chinese Westchester. Angel previously worked abroad in England teaching Chinese to children during the summer. She has developed meaningful relationships with her students, and continues to push them to strive for academic excellence.

Pansy Laoshi

Pansy is from Zhejiang Province, in China and she has been teaching online since she graduated from college in 2015. Pansy received her bachelor degree in English Studies in China and is a licensed teacher within China. She has taught Chinese over a year in a school in the US. She has a passion for teaching children and, when she isn’t teaching, she can be found enjoying her favorite hobby: photography.

Phoebe Laoshi

Phoebe laoshi joined Nihao in July 2015. She completed and received the AMS-affiliated Montessori certificate at Capital Education to become a kindergarten teacher at the United States. Phoebe is very passionate about teaching immersive Chinese as well as working with young children.

Mindy Laoshi

Mindy is a native Chinese speaker from Taiwan. She received her master degree in Educational innovation from National Taipei University of Education. Before joining Ni Hao, she was a licensed elementary school teacher in Taiwan for eight years. She is patient with students and is good at integrating teaching with real-life situations. Her class contains a lot of fun and interactive learning activities. She would like students to be able to apply and communicate using the language. Besides that, she would like her students to be able to appreciate the beauty of language and cultural differences through learning a second language. In her free time, she likes to read, do yoga, and enjoy being close to nature.

Jennifer Laoshi

Jennifer graduated from University of Michigan, receiving her masters’ degree in Design & Tech for Learning, she also participated in UCLA Early Childhood Education program to improve her knowledge. Jennifer has been a Mandarin Instructor since 2014, she has taught in Google, Cisco and other language schools. She is also a Learning Experience Designer, contributing to many projects by designing online courses in different fields. Before coming to The United States, Jennifer obtained her bachelor’s degree in Language Education and was an Elementary School Teacher in Taiwan. Her teaching philosophy is “Learn from the game”, exploring rules and surprises through games and integrating them into daily life. Jennifer has a wide range of interests,  she likes to travel, collect postcards, play basketball and play the piano.

Chinese Teacher

Yuning Laoshi

Yuning got her Master’s degree at the University of Birmingham, UK. She went back to China to work for a university for a couple of years before pursuing her doctoral degree in the US on Curriculum and Instruction. Yuning received her doctoral degree from Virginia Tech in August 2021. In the past four years, Yuning spent much time in local middle and high schools in Virginia, focusing on language education. She also taught Chinese to preschoolers and elementary students in Blacksburg, Virginia. She also took courses in Early Childhood Education with UCLA Extension. Yuning’s specialties and interests are foreign language education, teaching English and Chinese as a second/foreign language, and social foundation. She is strongly interested in child development and language learning in early childhood. It gives her much joy to be part of her students’ personal and academic development.