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We are going to talk about the Four Great Inventions in the culture day this week. It is for FREE ! Please join us every Friday to learn about interesting Chinese culture.

What’s more, do you know that actually there are ‘five’ inventions in Chinese history? So, what’s the fifth invention? You can find the answer in Teacher Tsaur’s story books of Chinese history. (She also wrote the books about world history.)

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我們的文化日這禮拜要介紹中國「四大發明」。Ni Hao Chinese的文化日免費開放給各位父母與孩子參加。我們期待與大家一起認識中國文化。 最有名的雖然是四大發明,但其實還有第五個發明呢! 如果知道答案,或想了解更多中西方歷史故事,歡迎參閱台灣歷史教師曹老師撰寫的歷史故事書,裡面有古今中外你不知道的有趣歷史,購買資訊請直接洽詢 Ni Hao Chinese (855)-644-288