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      Ni Hao Chinese Tuition Policies

      Effective August 31, 2020

      General and Refund Policies

      YBecause of our small class sizes and our commitment to our instructors based on your registration, we enforce the following policy regarding payment, withdrawal and refunds.

      • Tuition is due IN FULL prior to the start of the first class. There are no refunds in any form.
      • For group classes with insufficient enrollment, Ni Hao may elect to cancel or combine classes. In these instances, students can choose to:
        1. Accept any class schedule changes.
        2. Apply the payment towards another class or program immediately.
        3. Save the payment as Ni Hao Credit for use at a later time.
        4. Receive a full refund on the original form of payment
      • There is no credit or refund for absences or missed classes.
      • See individual program types for additional policies specific to that program type.

      Credit Policies

      • Ni Hao Credit expires 1 year after it is given, and can be used towards tuition at any Ni Hao Chinese owned location.
      • Credit belongs to the parent or guardian, and may be transferred between siblings.
      • For programs where credit is given, the calculation shall be as follows, unless otherwise indicated:
        1. Credit = (Amount Paid) – (# Classes scheduled up to the effective withdrawal date) * (Non-Discounted Cost per Class)

      Online Preschool Programs (5 day a week, and 3 day a week)

      • Tuition is a monthly subscription, billed on the first day of each month.
      • Cancellations must be made in writing to online@nihaocac.com at least 15 days in advance of the next billing date.
      • If a student joins in the middle of a month, the first month’s tuition will be prorated based on the number of scheduled classes remaining for the month.
      • There is no refund or credit for missed classes.
      • We understand that unexpected situations may arise, and we want to ensure our programs work with your family’s schedule. If you wish to pause your subscription, you can do so by giving us one week’s notice in writing. Any unused tuition will be credited to your account by Ni Hao Credit. Any pause that lasts longer than the next billing date may result in a loss of any special discounted monthly rate.

      Online Group Language Classes

      • Tuition is charged by session, and is due before the first day of class.
      • There is no refund or credit for missed classes, but students may access all of the material for the missed class, including homework, resources, and a recording of the class (if available).
      • There is no proration of tuition if a student joins after a course has started.
      • If a class is cancelled due to technical or scheduling reasons by Ni Hao Chinese or its instructors, a class will be added to the end of the session.
      • If Ni Hao or an instructor feels that a student is in the wrong program or class level, we may offer the student the opportunity to switch into another program or class. If the student accepts the change, any unused classes in the current class will be credited towards the tuition of the new class. Change requests should be made to online@nihaocac.com and may take up to 2 business days to process.

      Private Classes

      • Tuition is charged by group of classes, and is due before the first class.
      • The schedule is set for the group of classes. Any requests for rescheduling must be made in writing to online@nihacoac.com at least 24 hours in advance, in order for our instructors to properly prepare.
      • Classes that are not rescheduled in time are not eligible for a makeup class or refund. We do make exceptions in the case of student illness or family emergency.
      • There is a maximum of two rescheduling requests per month.
      • If a class is cancelled due to technical or scheduling reasons by Ni Hao Chinese or its instructors, the class will be rescheduled.
      • Ni Hao Chinese will make our best efforts to have our students work with a consistent instructor for the duration of a cours. In the case of family emergencies or seasonal shifts, we may need to re-match your child with an equally well-vetted replacement. If you don’t love learning with your instructor after a few classes, we’ll work as a team to help improve your experience, whether that means adjusting the class pace, style, or instructor.
      • There is no refund or credit for missed classes, though in exceptional circumstances, we may allow future classes to be saved for credit with at least two weeks notice. Note that if there was any discount offered towards buying a minimum number of classes, this will be eliminated while calculating the credit for remaining classes.

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