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“The University of California (UC) took a historic step today to suspend SAT and ACT standardized tests as part of the Fall 2020 admissions process.The announcement comes in response to the Coronavirus public health emergency, which has also caused some SAT and ACT testing to be cancelled, including in the Golden State. This policy decision will mostly impact current high school juniors who, in addition to having testing and school cancelled, plan to begin college in Fall 2021.” (Zack Friedman, Apr 1, 2020; Forbes)


Although UC has not decided if SAT/ACT will be permanently cancelled as one of the requirements in the future, it could be seen as the signal which indicates the focus on the values from students’ performances at extracurricular activities and non-academic experiences. Recently, there have been many different voices toward whether higher education should include SAT or ACT as the requirement for admission. Hence, there are still many factors that the higher educational institutes need to take into consideration regarding the justice and equality among the younger generation.