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2020 Ni Hao Chinese Online Summer Camp

探索古文明 I Discover

Immersion,Interesting, Inspiring, International, Intelligent

Let’s discover ancient civilization with Ni Hao Chinese this summer!.

Join us and start your adventure to Greece, China, Atlantis, Egypt and Jurassic world.

  • 👉 – Mandarin immersion for K-12 children
  • 👉 – Topic-based
  •             – Diverse curriculum
                – 1 hour live interactive classes

  • 👉 – Online camp materials including books, videos and songsn
  • 👉 – $199 for each 2 week session

Ni Hao Online Summer Camp includes 5 sessions in total. Each session will focus on one topic. You may sign up the topics your little ones are interested in. Ni Hao Chinese Online Summer Camp gives you more options and flexible schedule. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your language proficiency at home!

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