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My little one enjoys going to Nihao and does not want to leave school to go home! The teachers are genuinely caring and love teaching kids Chinese language and culture. The facility is always clean and adorably decorated. I’d highly recommend Nihao to any other families! 



Hi I am Jessica. I am thrilled with the education and support that Ni Hao Chinese is providing to my children. I chose Ni Hao because I wanted to expose my children to Chinese language education from a very early age. I personally tried to learn Chinese but I found it very hard.  I believe that learning Chinese will be important for the future, and I wanted my kids to start to learn early, and to develop an ear for the tones.

                                                ---Jessica M.

Thank you so much, Ni Hao Chinese. My son, Lucas, has been really being helped and the teachers are so truly nice, caring, and my son…even though sometimes he is struggle with his Chinese learning but he really enjoys coming to this school. Thank you so much.


Review video from Kathryn 

Ni Hao RPV Chinese School allows my daughter to get the Chinese practice experience that she cannot get at home.


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