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Have you noticed the changes in our life during COVID-19 pandemic? When the school are closed and travel plans are cancelled, what do you do and want to do with your family at home? How do you deal with the weekend without hang-outs or BBQ parties at your friends’ and colleagues’? Who would you like to spend the most time with during this challenging time? Yes, everyone’s life has been changed. Adjusting and adapting to a new lifestyle would be an important lesson to all of us.

When is the last time you sleep in and have a decent homemade breakfast with your family? When is the last time you bake pastries with your parents or grandparents? How long have you not created a piece of art or built a castle with your children? How long have you not went on a hike in the woods? The pandemic has taken a lot from us: health, job, education or even life. However, it also gives some people the chance to spend more time with their family and kids.

 If you are still staying at home due to the disease, try to slow down your paces, turn off the TV (especially if you are watching news) for a while, put your electronic devices away for a couple hours, and enjoy the precious time with your children as well as other family members. You may want to include this activities into your ‘stay-at-home & chill’ plan:

1. Yoga

Inhale and exhale. Stretch your body. Connect to your mind to the muscles. Enjoy the time of meditation.

2. Tai Chi

Push hands and manage motions slowly. Experience the yin and yang. Take a deep breathe between each moves.

3. Make a travel plan for the future

Although you may not be able to go for a trip this year. It is always exciting to plan out your next adventure. Paris? Hokkaido? Taipei? Hawaii? Bali?

4. Organizing photos and photo albums

Take a look at those good moments in the past. Birthday, wedding, graduation, play-date… Enjoy all the lovely memories and stories with your little ones.

5. Stories with friends around the world!

Listening to good stories with Ni Hao Chinese! Enjoying music, dancing and a good story at the same time.  Meet children from around the world. Ni Hao Chinese would like to bring joy and laughter to your house through interesting stories, music and dance. Let’s learn Mandarin together! We want to deliver good stories to the families around the world and share love with you during this hard time.