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Are you curious about what it would look like if living in a Mandarin-speaking places like Taiwan or China? Are you interested in the cultural differences between English-speaking countries and Mandarin-speaking countries? Do you want to know how do non-Mandarin speakers feel when working or settling at a Mandarin-speaking place? Here are some videos filmed by a few YouTuber who live in Taiwan and China. In the videos, they introduced many interesting facts about their life in Mandarin-speaking countries as well as the cultural differences they have experienced.

莫彩曦Hailey (1.12M subscribers)- videos with English captions

Hailey and her husband, Adam, have constantly shared their life in both Taiwan and US. She published lots of vlogs of food, travel, and cross-cultural experience.

劉沛 Pierre Liu (1.15M subscribers)

Pierre is a Taiwanese American from Los Angeles, California. His videos feature on various topics such as technology, travel, food, culture, video-game. He currently lives in Taiwan so most of his videos are delivered in Mandarin Chinese but sometimes mixed with English.

阿福 Thomas (485K subscribers) – videos with English captions

Thomas (Afu) is from Germany and he married a Chinese lady. In his videos, he showed the audiences the food, culture, daily life, transportation, etc. in China. He lives with his wife in Shanghai now.

一条Yit (1.02M subscribers)

This is one of the most popular channels that focuses on life style video in China. This channel release original short videos that tell touching stories on a daily basis.

Looking for some children’s videos that introduce culture, history, STEM and EQ stories in Mandarin Chinese? Feel free to check Ni Hao Chinese YouTube channel for more videos about Chinese culture, history, language and other interesting topics with your children.

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